Representations and Experimentation

Utku Turk

23 Jan 2022

Representations and Experimentation

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Date:: 2022-01-23

Class:: Psycholinguistics II

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@Bock1986: passives primes passives

@BockLoebel1990: - Finding 1: locatives primes passives - Finding 2: metric styles does not matter

@Bock1989: locative PPs and Dative PPs share structure

Priming doesnt require thematic relations to overlap

Passives share structure with locatives. In order for passives to be similar to locatives so that they prime locatives, there should not be a gap/trace.

Then what is the similarity, which proc similarity?

source ambiguity

common claim: locative PPs are more distant structurally from the verb. Whether or not you can do ellipsis is related to having a constituent or not. Constituents can be targeted. The issue with hierarchy and c-command.

  1. Bob read the book on Saturday and Sue did [VP read the book] on Sunday
  2. \? Book took his mom to NY and Sue did [VP take her mom] to Philly.
  3. \? Bob gave a puppy to his mom and Sue did [VP give a puppy] to her granny.
  4. * Bob put the book on the shelf and Sue did [VP put the book] on the table

Obviously, @Bock1989’s findings are in clash. How 2 and 3 are in priming relation?

How this priming works then? Maybe like a reduction of repeated embedded VPs

representation & reality

are representations real?

  1. Mentalism. Anti-platonist stance.
  2. Relevance to real-time processes like speaking and understanding
  3. More privileged / direct access to representations