Hi there 👋

Nov 2020

I am Utku Türk. I am an MA student in the Department of Linguistics, Boğaziçi University under the supervision of Pavel Logačev. I mainly work in agreement attraction in Turkish. Currently, I focus on the effects of response bias in agreement attraction and whether or not everyone is affected uniformly by the bias-related manipulations. You can also check my CV and Google Scholar!

In my department, I also work as a Research/Teaching assistant. My responsibilities include TA’ing classes, working in projects within the department, and help the department in administrative issues.

I am interested in morphology and its interaction with semantics and phonology. I was lucky to join Pavel Caha at Masaryk University to work on various topics including Turkish case syncretism, augmentatives, and suspended affixation. Moreover, I also worked on the semantic interpration of the formative -mışcasına, a hypothetical comparative marker similar to as if in Turkish.

I am an Universal Dependencies enthusiast. I participated in the creation Turkish and Laz treebanks. I am currently working on a Romeyka and Ladino treebanks.

In my freetime, I usually play games on Steam or take amateur photographs. My favorite food is gata with koritz and my favorite icecream flavor is saffron and rose.